Lip Balm "Unscented" 潤唇膏“無味”1
Lip Balm "Unscented" 潤唇膏“無味”2
Lip Balm "Unscented" 潤唇膏“無味”3

Lip Balm "Unscented" 潤唇膏“無味”

每件享有立減 5%off 優惠

數量 2 起,每件享有立減 10%off 優惠

數量 30 起,每件享有立減 20%off 優惠

Our cocoa butter lip balm prevents skin dryness and peeling, heals chapped lips, fights signs of aging, soothes burns, rashes and infections. 我們的可可脂潤唇膏可防止皮膚乾燥和脫皮,治癒乾裂的嘴唇,對抗衰老跡象,舒緩燒傷、皮疹和感染。

INGREDIENTS: cocoa butter, almond oil, beeswax, coconut oil, jojoba oil. 成分:可可脂、杏仁油、蜂蠟、椰子油、荷荷巴油。

Weight/重量: 10g

MOP 38.0