Aromatherapy Home Diffuser "Revive" 200ml 香薰家用擴香器"復甦"200ml1
Aromatherapy Home Diffuser "Revive" 200ml 香薰家用擴香器"復甦"200ml2
Aromatherapy Home Diffuser "Revive" 200ml 香薰家用擴香器"復甦"200ml3

Aromatherapy Home Diffuser "Revive" 200ml 香薰家用擴香器"復甦"200ml

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With Patchouli, Pine and Clary Sage Essential Oils. 含有廣藿香、松樹和快樂鼠尾草精油。 Immerse your space in tranquility with our natural home diffuser, crafted with pure essential oils. Let the calming scent of nature fill your home as wooden reeds gently release a truly therapeutic aroma, promoting well-being and daily health. Our eco-friendly aromatherapy diffuser ensures a safe and beneficial experience for you and your surrounding. 使用我們採用純精油製成的天然家用擴香器,讓您的空間沉浸在寧靜之中。讓大自然的平靜香氣充滿您的家,木蘆葦輕輕地釋放出真正具有治療作用的香氣,促進幸福和日常健康。我們的環保香薰擴散器可確保為您和您的周圍環境提供安全有益的體驗。 Grounding and Balancing: Provides stability and harmony for relaxation. Stress Relief: Alleviates tension and anxiety, promoting well-being. Clarifying Aroma: Clears the mind and offers a refreshing, rejuvenating effect. 接地與平衡:提供穩定與和諧的放鬆。 緩解壓力:緩解緊張和焦慮,促進健康。 淨化香氣:淨化思緒,提供清爽、恢復活力的效果。 HOW TO USE: -Place the diffuser on a stable surface. -Insert reeds into the bottle to absorb oils. -Flip reeds for enhanced scent dispersal. -Enjoy the natural therapeutic aroma. 如何使用: - 將擴散器放置在穩定的表面上。 - 將蘆葦插入瓶中以吸收油。 -翻轉簧片以增強氣味擴散。 -享受天然的療癒香氣。 NET WT 200ml

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