DOC Etna Bianco 2021, Alta Mora, Sicily1

DOC Etna Bianco 2021, Alta Mora, Sicily

推廣價MOP 398

原價MOP 418

Alta Mora酒莊真實地反映了該地區豐富的釀酒傳統和火山風土。阿爾塔莫拉 (Alta Mora) 產自埃特納火山 (Mount Etna) 山麓,釀造出卓越的葡萄酒,捕捉了西西里島獨特景觀的精髓。探索他們的紅酒系列,如Nerello Mascalese 和Nero d’Avola,它們以其大膽的口味、優雅的輪廓和獨特的火山礦物味而聞名。品嚐阿爾塔莫拉葡萄酒特有的深色水果、泥土氣息和香料的微妙香氣,每一口都將您帶入西西里島的粗獷之美。

Alta Mora Etna Bianco白葡萄酒集中體現了西西里島埃特納火山的火山風土。新鮮柑橘、白花和礦物質的香氣令人愉悅,讓您一窺這款酒的獨特品質。在口感上,體驗每一口都展現出的充滿活力的酸度、脆度和層次的複雜性。熱帶水果、香草和淡淡的鹽味和諧地交織在一起,創造出清爽而細緻的味道。讓阿爾塔莫拉 (Alta Mora) 的 Etna Bianco 將您帶到埃特納火山 (Etna) 的山坡,那里古老的葡萄藤和火山土壤共同釀造出獨特而令人難忘的葡萄酒。

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地區 Area: Etna, Italy 葡萄 Grape: Carricante 容量 Volume: 750ML 評分 Rating: THE DRINKIES 95/100 最佳狀態 Ideal serving condition: 醒酒約20分鐘/20mins after breathing

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Alta Mora wines, a true reflection of the region’s rich winemaking heritage and volcanic terroir. From the foothills of Mount Etna, Alta Mora crafts exceptional wines that capture the essence of Sicily’s unique landscape. Explore their range of red wines, like Nerello Mascalese and Nero d’Avola, known for their bold flavors, elegant profiles, and distinct volcanic minerality.

Delight in the aromas of fresh citrus, white flowers, and minerality that greet the senses, offering a glimpse into the unique character of this wine. On the palate, experience the vibrant acidity, crispness, and layers of complexity that unfold with each sip. Notes of tropical fruits, herbs, and a hint of salinity intertwine harmoniously, creating a refreshing and nuanced taste profile.

MOP 398.0