N/V MCM 62 Blanc de Blancs, YVES JACQUES1

N/V MCM 62 Blanc de Blancs, YVES JACQUES

推廣價MOP 548

原價MOP 598

Yves Jacques是一家享有盛譽的香檳酒莊,位於法國香檳地區的中心地帶,Yves Jacques香檳 的歷史可以追溯到幾代人之前,以生產精緻、高品質的混合香檳而聞名,深受世界各地的鑑賞家的喜愛。

MCM 62 Blanc de Blancs 由Yves Jacques 精心打造,是精緻與純淨的傑作。這款精緻的香檳呈現出令人眼花撩亂的淡金色,伴隨著迷人的細小氣泡流。第一口聞時,白花、柑橘皮的精緻香氣和新鮮出爐的麵包的味道令人著迷。口感交響樂般令人愉悅,清脆的蘋果、檸檬凝乳和淡淡的礦物質味在味蕾上優雅地舞動。餘韻清爽、充滿活力且持久,給人留下優雅和精緻的持久印象。 _ _ _

地區 Area: Champagne, France 葡萄 Grape: Chardonnay 容量 Volume: 750ML 評分 Rating: THE DRINKIES 94/100 最佳狀態 Ideal serving condition: 6-8°C

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Champagne Yves Jacques is a renowned and prestigious champagne house located in the heart of the Champagne region in France. With a history dating back several generations, Champagne Yves Jacques has gained a reputation for producing exquisite and high-quality champagne blends that are enjoyed by connoisseurs around the world.

The MCM 62 Blanc de Blancs, crafted by Champagne Yves Jacques, is a masterpiece of finesse and purity. This exquisite champagne offers a dazzling display of pale gold color, accompanied by a mesmerizing stream of fine bubbles, delicate aromas of white flowers, citrus zest, and hints of freshly baked bread The finish is crisp, vibrant, and enduring, leaving a lasting impression of elegance and sophistication.

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