DOC Etna Rosso 2019, Alta Mora, Sicily1

DOC Etna Rosso 2019, Alta Mora, Sicily

推廣價MOP 398

原價MOP 448

Alta Mora葡萄酒的迷人寶石紅, 散發出紅色漿果香氣、花香和淡淡的火山礦物味。口感上,這款西西里葡萄酒展現出櫻桃、李子和泥土氣息的複雜度,並強調清爽的酸度和細膩的單寧。優雅的結構和悠長的餘韻展示了埃特納火山獨特的風土,使這款酒真正體現了西西里島的卓越釀酒技術。

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地區 Area: Etna, Italy 葡萄 Grape: Nerello Mascalese 容量 Volume: 750ML 評分 Rating: THE DRINKIES 96/100 最佳狀態 Ideal serving condition: 醒酒後約45分鐘/ 45mins after breathing

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The Alta Mora Etna Rosso wine is a sensory delight with its brilliant ruby red color and captivating aromas of red berries, floral notes, and hints of volcanic minerality. On the palate, this Sicilian wine reveals a complex interplay of cherry, plum, and earthy tones, underscored by a refreshing acidity and fine-grained tannins. The elegant structure and lingering finish showcase the unique terroir of Mount Etna, making this wine a true reflection of Sicily’s winemaking excellence. Experience the essence of Etna in every sip of Alta Mora’s Etna Rosso wine.

MOP 398.0