DOCG Chianti Classico Riserva 2016, Caffagio, Tuscany1

DOCG Chianti Classico Riserva 2016, Caffagio, Tuscany

推廣價MOP 498

原價MOP 548

Caffagio 是一家位於義大利托斯卡納的著名酒莊,以生產該地區豐富釀酒傳統精髓的葡萄酒而聞名。他們的葡萄酒反映了托斯卡納的風土,展現了葡萄園獨特的風味和香氣。 Caffagio 對品質和傳統的尊重體於每一瓶酒中,為葡萄酒愛好者提供托斯卡納的美麗和藝術性。


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地區 Area: Toscana, Italy 葡萄 Grape: Sangiovese 容量 Volume: 750ML 評分 Rating: THE DRINKIES 97/100 最佳狀態 Ideal serving condition: 醒酒後約60分鐘/ 60mins after breathing 備注 : 建議使用醒酒器. Note: Decanter is recommended.

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Caffagio is a distinguished winery located in Tuscany, Italy, their wine reflects the Tuscan terroir and showcase the unique flavors and aromas of the vineyards. Caffagio’s commitment to quality and tradition shines through in every bottle, offering wine enthusiasts a taste of Tuscany’s timeless beauty and flavors.

Caffagio’s Tuscany Chianti Classico Riserva is a true expression of the region’s winemaking excellence, crafted with precision and passion. This distinguished wine boasts a deep ruby hue and tantalizing aromas of ripe red fruits, violets, and subtle hints of oak. On the palate, the Chianti Classico Riserva reveals a harmonious blend of cherry, plum, and spices, complemented by velvety tannins and a vibrant acidity, elegant structure and lingering finish.

MOP 498.0


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