Enate Crianza 20191

Enate Crianza 2019

推廣價MOP 368

原價MOP 398

Enate Crianza散發著櫻桃、李子和香草的香氣,帶有微妙的木桶陳釀風味。在口感上,豐富的紅果、香料和絲滑單寧相互交織,帶來豐富而平衡的味覺享受。恩納特陳釀是對時間和技藝的完美詮釋,每一口都散發著酒莊對品質的追求和樂趣。細緻、優雅的收結讓人回味無窮,這款陳釀酒帶來了一場與恩納特酒莊獨特風味的美好相遇。

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地區 Area: Somotano, Spain 葡萄 Grape: Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon 容量 Volume: 750ML 評分 Rating: THE DRINKIES 95/100 最佳狀態 Ideal serving condition: 醒酒後約45分鐘/ 45mins after breathing

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Enate Crianza features a harmonious blend of ripe red fruits, hints of vanilla, and subtle oak notes that dance on the palate. With a velvety texture and well-integrated tannins, it offers a balanced and elegant experience from start to finish. Savor the complexity and depth of this exceptional wine, showcasing the terroir of Somontano with every sip.

MOP 368.0


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