Réserve Brut Champagne Grand Cru 'Bouzy' NV, Jean Vesselle1

Réserve Brut Champagne Grand Cru 'Bouzy' NV, Jean Vesselle

推廣價MOP 568

原價MOP 600

香檳Jean Vesselle以其璀璨的氣泡和迷人的金黃色調讓人賞心悅目。鼻子散發出柑橘類水果、新鮮蘋果和花香的細膩香氣,引領著清脆的青蘋果、成熟的梨子和微妙的軟麵包味道。這款香檳具有活潑清新的酸度,搭配著細膩的質感和精緻持久的尾韻口感。

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地區 Area: Champage, France 葡萄 Grape: 80% Pinot Noir, 20% Chardonnay 容量 Volume: 750ML 評分 Rating: THE DRINKIES 96/100 最佳狀態 Ideal serving condition: 6-8°C

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Champagne Jean Vesselle’s sparkling wine delights with a brilliant effervescence and a charming golden hue. The nose reveals delicate aromas of citrus fruits, fresh apples, and floral notes, leading to a palate of crisp green apples, ripe pears, and subtle hints of brioche. This Champagne offers a lively and refreshing acidity, balanced with a creamy texture and a refined, persistent finish.

MOP 568.0


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